About Us

What’s the story behind the name of Blue Wolf?

The Blue Wolf was once thought to roam the woods of the upper Midwest. It’s slightly blue tinged fur lead to its name of Blue Wolf. Like many wolf packs they knew to survive they had to work together for the greater good. This particular breed of wolf was known for its desire to socialize, and would form some of the largest wolf packs ever known.

Right around sun down you could find the Blue Wolf packs congregating around bodies of water, or “watering holes” as they were known back then. Once the party started it lasted all night with plenty of chatter, and the occasional howling session.

Naw, there’s never been a Blue Wolf, and we were having a hard time picking a name for our brewery. But it’s a much better story than saying blue was our favorite color and we like wolves.

The Blue Wolf Team

The year was 1995 and for their first Christmas together, Jennifer bought Mike a Mr. Beer Brewing Kit. Boy, was that a mistake! Mike started brewing all these beers that you couldn’t find in the stores, and he even created his own recipes using the Mr. Beer system. Many years later that led Mike to work at a homebrew supply company in St. Louis Park, MN. This is where he really started to get interested in brewing. Always looking for an opportunity to brew and improve his recipes the homebrew shop allowed him to follow his passion. Not only did he get to brew, try out new equipment and techniques, but he got to teach others about brewing.

Mike was brewing so much that he needed a way to get rid of these beers. That’s where Mark comes in. Mike used to invite people over, and he’d call these get-togethers, “Drink Mike’s Beer Meetings.” Mark started coming to these meetings, trying all the different beers, and then got into brewing himself. Over the years they brewed together and continued to improve their skills.

Today, Jennifer, Mike, and Mark get to welcome you into their beer journey. All of the recipes are created by the Blue Wolf Team, and we hope you enjoy them. Pull up a chair, relax, and enjoy a beer.