We get a lot of requests for donations of all forms, so here is what we have come up with:

  • You must be a 501(c)(3) non profit.
  • Brooklyn Park Charity groups will be considered first.
  • We do not do beer busts.
  • For youth groups, if you are selling something to raise funds for your activity we will work with you to have a table to sell at in the taproom. For example, Girl Scout cookies.
  • If you support us we will do anything we can to support you.
  • For raffles, silent auctions, etc., ownership meets once a month to decide on what events outside of the taproom we can support. You are welcome to submit your donation request to, and we will get back to you if your group has been selected.
  • Please understand that the last year has been extremely difficult for our industry and we are still recovering from it financially. We will do what we can to help as many groups as possible.

Please contact us at if you'd like to submit for a donation request.