Blue Wolf exchange process:

  1. Place order online.
  2. Drive to taproom
  3. We will deliver your order curbside and exchange your Blue Wolf Brewing growler.
  4. No need to come in.
  5. Safest and fastest way to get your Blue Wolf beer.
  6. Please pick up growlers on the same day they are ordered for optimal freshness.

Another Brewery's growler process:

  1. Do not order online.
  2. Come in to taproom with a clean growler.
  3. We will sanitize the growler.
  4. We will fill the growler.
  5. Then we will give the growler back to you.

We do not have new growlers for sale at this time. To purchase beer you must already have a growler. More are on order and we will make them available as soon as we receive them.

Some Rules:

  1. We will sanitize all growlers and caps before fill.
  2. We will sanitize all growler fill tubing between each fill.
  3. Staff will wear gloves during filling and delivery of each growler.
  4. Staff will maintain 'social distancing' as much as possible.
  5. We ask that you are only in the taproom for as long as it takes to fill your growler(s) if you aren't exchanging a Blue Wolf branded growler.
  6. No more than 5 guests will be allowed in the taproom at one time.
  7. Maintain 'social distancing' with fellow guests.
  8. No samples.
  9. We thank you for your patience and support.

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No Coast

American Pale Ale 6.3% ABV 33 IBU

Juci Luci as a Goosi

Hazy IPA 6.1% ABV 43 IBU

Wolf Cry

Rye Ale 5.1% ABV 20 IBU

Hot Bod

Hazy Strong Pale Ale 5.3% ABV 41 IBU

Michael Dubblé

Belgian Dubbel 7.0% ABV 15 IBU

Wolf Bite

English Bitter 3.8% ABV 25 IBU

O'Wolfe Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale 5.7% ABV 22 IBU

St. Patrick's Pee

Infusion 4.6% ABV 20 IBU

Hard Seltzer

Blueberry Blue Fang

Hard Seltzer 5.0% ABV 0

Key Lime Blue Fang

Hard Seltzer 5.0% ABV 0

Black Cherry Blue Fang

Hard Seltzer 5.0% ABV 0

Grapefruit Blue Fang

Hard Seltzer 5.0% ABV 0