Wolf Pack Alpha Membership

Why should I care about old ale casks?

Do you want more delicious beer for your money? Of course you do. Well, now is your chance.

See, here's the deal: a couple of hundred years ago, people couldn't decide how to measure things. Ale came in gallon barrels, and wine also came in gallon barrels. But those barrels weren't the same size -- the wine barrel was slightly smaller. Eventually, the US adopted the wine gallon, calling it (surprise) a "gallon", and, in 1884, the UK adopted the ale gallon, calling it the Imperial gallon. Since a pint is an eighth of a gallon in both systems, we have the "regular" pint (16oz) and the Imperial pint (20oz).

That's enough history for now. What do you get when you become a Wolf Pack Alpha Member? Well, for one year, you'll get an Imperial pint pour every time you get a beer. At sign up you'll get your first beer for free, and a 10% discount on merch. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Well, it's time to sign up.
  • 20 oz. pour instead of 16 oz. (when we reopen)
  • 1st beer free @ sign up. (when we reopen)
  • 10% off merchandise.
  • NEW: 10% off growler fills.

$40.00 USD