On Tap

No Coast American Pale Ale

6.3% ABV 33 IBU

This is the version that the masses said they liked best. Filled with only Mosaic hops this pale ale has a tropical fruit note that is back up with some pine and earthiness. An easy drinking pale ale that you are sure to love.

Wolf Cry I'm Outta Rye Ale American Wheat

5.9% ABV 21 IBU

Our supplier ran out of Rye malt when it was time to brew our Wolf Cry Rye. So, we decided to make it with wheat instead as the recipe was esentially a wheat beer recipe. Easy drinking and tasty.

Wolf Spirit American IPA

6.6% ABV 57 IBU

If you are into IPAs then give this one a try. Made with Amarillo and Centennial hops for your enjoyment, but retains a nice balance with the malt.

Lone Wolf Dark Ale

5.3% ABV 33 IBU

This beer is in a style on its own. Malty, slightly hoppy, and notes of roasted barley work throughout this beer.

Mild Mannered Wolf English Mild

3.1% ABV 18 IBU

As part of Blake's internship with us it was decided he should help create and brew a beer of his very own. This smooth, easy drinking, English Mild is the result. Welcome to the brewing world young grasshopper. Remember, wax on, wax off.

Light Flurries Brut IPA Brut IPA

5.5% ABV 10 IBU

Not to be outdone by the NEIPA style the west coast decided it needed its own version. So, they created a beer that is dry, light in flavor, and not very hoppy that is like sparkling wine. Celebrate whatever with our version today.

Chateau Stout American Stout

5.5% ABV 57 IBU

Deep in the Black Forest a light appears in the Chateau that has created this robust and flavorful stout. The mind wanders to pine and earthiness that balances this beer like the forest that surrounds the Chateau.

Power Lube Imperial Stout- Ultra Limited Release Imperial Stout

9.0% ABV 84 IBU

This Imperial Stout is everything you'd expect it to be. Smooth, yet bold. Flavorful, full bodied, robust, notes of dark cherry, and a comforting warmth during these cold winter days. Let our Power Lube Imperial Stout keep your motor running.