On Tap

No Coast American Pale Ale

6.3% ABV 33 IBU

This is the version that the masses said they liked best. Filled with only Mosaic hops this pale ale has a tropical fruit note that is back up with some pine and earthiness. An easy drinking pale ale that you are sure to love.

Juci Luci as a Goosi Hazy IPA

6.1% ABV 43 IBU

Copious amounts of Citra and Cascade hops fill the air with soft notes of malt and wheat making up the backbone of this beer. Just a little punch from the hops, but most of this beer is about the citrus and earthy aromas.

Wolf Cry Rye Ale

5.1% ABV 20 IBU

This beer is great for those just learning about craft beer, or someone looking for something lighter. The hops are subtle and the rye gives this beer a little twang. Wolf Cry also acts as the perfect base for our infusions.

Hot Bod Hazy Strong Pale Ale

5.3% ABV 41 IBU

Hot, sultry summer nights deserve a beer that makes you want to show off your Hot Bod. This juicy IPA hits the citrus notes that you love without that slap in the face of a traditional IPA. A few of these and you’ll be ready to show off that Hot Bod everywhere.

Michael Dubblé Belgian Dubbel

7.0% ABV 15 IBU

Just like the signer of a similar name this Belgian Dubbel is rich, smooth, and just a little spicy. Very easy to drink and easy on the eyes as well.

Wolf Bite English Bitter

3.8% ABV 25 IBU

Smooooooth, baby. Smooooth. That is what this beer is all about. Earthy and slightly piney from the Fuggles hops, but very easy drinking.

O'Wolfe Irish Red Ale Irish Red Ale

5.7% ABV 22 IBU

One of the favorite beers of the year is back on tap. This smooth, malty, balanced, subtle hop Irish Red is perfect while socializing with friends. This is a very quick seller, and this year it is 100% Irish.

St. Patrick's Pee Infusion

4.6% ABV 20 IBU

For those of you who enjoyed Grinch Piss and Festivus here comes St. Patrick's Pee for you to enjoy. The berry flavored Wolf Cry will be one of your new favs!