On Tap

No Coast- Cascade Hops American Pale Ale

5.7% ABV 35 IBU

The final instalment in our 4 part series this version is where the APA started. Piney, earthy, balanced, and flavorful.

Wolf Cry Rye Beer

4.7% ABV 14 IBU

This beer is great for those just learning about craft beer, or someone looking for something lighter. The hops are subtle and the rye gives this beer a little twang.

Wolf Spirit American IPA

6.6% ABV 57 IBU

We've revamped this IPA to get rid of the smoke flavor in previous batches. If you're into IPAs then give this bad boy a try. Made with Amarillo & Centennial hops for your enjoyment.

Lone Wolf Dark Ale

5.3% ABV 33 IBU

This beer is in a style on its own. Malty, slightly hoppy, and notes of roasted barley work throughout this beer.

Oktoberfest Festbier

5.3% ABV 21 IBU

Malty, bready, balanced, and ready for you to enjoy. Using old school floor malted grain & German hops will leave you longing for the old country. Enjoy some today before it’s gone.

Bear in the Air Porter

5.8% ABV 31 IBU

This beer has a nice roasted and coffee notes with subtle earthiness from the Mt. Hood and Willamette hops. Very smooth and easy drinking.

Wolf Apparition Double IPA

8.3% ABV 67 IBU

If you are into hops then this is the beer for you. Even at a high ABV this beer is still well balanced, and the Amarillo & Centennial Hops are well noticed in this beer.

I Dream of Creamy Cream Ale (Nitro)

5.4% ABV 16 IBU

This is one of the best beers we’ve ever made from a technical standpoint, and our first nitro beer. Very easy drinking, creamy, light, refreshing, and won’t last long.